Thursday, February 19, 2009


I could describe them as lifeless
and that would be accurate.
Inactive, almost.
They are there, somewhere,
but hidden;
maybe slowly sunken
below a thought process
or a conversation.

They are not all bad,
some are good.
I need to tell you everything
that I can still remember
before I forget them.

And I will always look to you as an external hard drive,
storing this information.
I hope that you have a good memory
because otherwise
I am fucked.



I walked through the rain
on my way to the library.

I imagined the air was water and the rain was air bubbles
and I was somewhere under the Atlantic Ocean.

And the cars were floating clams
and the people were small squids.

I laughed out loud at a person riding a bicycle:

A squid on a bicycle.
someone should make that into a comic.

And then I thought about her.
she probably feels insecure,
or maybe she doesn't understand why I'm laughing.
it's not every day that you see these things.

How could I explain my thought process to her,
and how could I possibly know what she was thinking?

Maybe I should pretend I'm crazy and on drugs or something.
It's fun to pretend like that.

When I was fourteen,
my friend pretended she was dead,
lying down
with her arms lifeless in the air,
in a red wagon
while I pushed her through suburban streets,
acting like I was openly murdering people
and moving them around in the daylight.

I didn't care if people would approve of my unusually destructive behavior.

It is hard to explain why that was funny to me,
and especially now,
when the buildings I walk by are giant coral reefs.



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  1. aimless is good. different than the other version, i like this one a lot.