Friday, March 20, 2009

I have forgotten how to write things.
I also forgot how to sleep and eat properly.
Things have been happening and then I look back and hardly feel any sort of emotion about the events that have happened.
I don't know.


Emotions Of Choice

Sometimes I’m bad a gauging things
and I don’t know weather I should laugh or cry.
I try crying first
and it comes out dry,
so I laugh,
and the laugh seems hallow almost.
I find myself wondering what emotion I should use today.

It makes me think back to elementary school
when I saw a chart of emotions as a poster hanging on the wall.
There were simple drawings next to the names to illustrate the emotion
and I remember being very young and looking at it,
wondering which one I should wear for the day.
It seemed too easy
and I tried on different ones until I felt fulfilled.

My emotions have always run wild
and been hard to tame.
I like to think of them as wild sheep
with angry,
blood shot eyes.

But still I think I have always been able to choose them,
just like when I looked at the poster on the wall.
It has always been that easy, hasn’t it?

My emotions of choice:

Sad and Lonely.

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