Thursday, April 2, 2009


Like Jesus' Blood

There was a hole in the road
and then the front tire of my bicycle went into the hole.
It was something bad that was happening,
and then my face
met the face of the cold, flat earth.

I felt a tingly sensation on my right cheek,
and something warm and thick started flowing outwards.
Whatever was flowing felt okay and went onto the ground,
and then into my mouth.
It tasted salty and good.

It reminded me of being six years old.
I remember running around when it was sunny and hot,
and when the grass was a good,
different kind of green.
I was thirsty and I drank out of a rusty water faucet
in the back of a church.
I remember the water tasted weird,
like jesus’ blood.

So what is in my mouth is probably blood
and what happened is that I have fallen,
I think,
and I am now laying,
probably somewhere in the middle of the street.
If I lay here long enough maybe a car will come
and help me
or maybe run over my body
with their new shiny rubber tires.
I hope for the first one,
but then change my mind and pray for the second one.

I want to reach over and turn out the light,
but the light is a street light
and it is far away and radiating.

I like going to sleep
and also sleeping alone.
I don’t need anyone in my life
to blame for ruining my life.
My life is fine.
It seems okay right now,
as I wait for the car to come and save
or possible destroy it.

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