Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fierce Red Ants

I chugged espresso
and then went outside
and stared down
at an anthill in full activity.
Hundreds of red ants
spazzing consistently in the heat.
I wanted to lay my head down
on top of the ant hill
and let them crawl all over my body.
I would allow them to consume me
and murder me
and carry me down into their chamber.
Allowing myself to become
the same as a bread crumb
or any other trash you would find
rotting in the garbage.
Wanting to become thousands of tiny crumbs
for hundreds of ants
and a queen.

I find myself daydreaming of being eaten alive by
fierce red ants
and the day has just begun.


  1. this poem was funny.
    wall attack 4 in bloomington complete. Habib is on the side of newspaper boxes downtown. Skulls with sunglasses next to grafitti of skulls in alleyways. Houses on 'housefinder' boxes. Trees on signs in parks with trees.
    Next destination: lexington.
    see you soon, practice when i get back?

  2. i wrote you.
    i will send it soon.