Saturday, May 30, 2009

It feels like nothing matters.
Now it is summer.
For some reason it feels like it will be the last one.
Reading dark books and listening to dark records.
Feeling somewhat dark and alone.
Keep having extreme ideas or desire to have extreme ideas.
Not sure what anything means.
Not sure if it matters.
I don't care and it feels okay.
Feels decent to give up on things.
It is time to give up on a lot of things.
Feeling bored with people
but in a way that is good
like I am over them.
Keep thinking "I am over people"
and then going to parties and staring at them.
They look like strange animals with drinks in their hands.
It is funny
and I laugh.

1 comment:

  1. what do you want to answer
    who do you want to answer
    some of the animals feel as you do and those rasberry colored drinks simply coat their spiralling commentary
    my voice isnt critical
    it is quizzical
    hi, how are you?