Saturday, May 23, 2009


I buried my love for you one day.
I stood on a little hill somewhere inside of me,
and with a shovel
started to dig into the dirt.
It took an entire day to dig a hole deep enough
for the love
because love takes up a lot of room and space for me.
I threw the love carelessly into the hole
and filled it back up with dirt
and then cried on the little hill inside of me.
I didn't want to bury my love
for you,
but I felt as if it were crushing me,
especially at night.
My eyes were tired
and all they wanted to do was sleep,
but I had too many thoughts
and sleep was impossible.
Now that I've buried my love for you,
I will marry my bed
and sleep for a couple of months.
When I come back all of my relationships
will be much more efficient
because I will only use people as tools.
Emotionless machines
that I will chose carefully and treat kindly.

I never wanted for this to happen,
but there is nothing left I can do.
Good-bye to love
and good-night for now.
I will miss you,
I hope that I care.

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