Sunday, July 12, 2009

the easter parade by richard yates

i finished reading "the easter parade" by richard yates today. it was the first book i have read by richard yates.

it is about two little sisters that grow into teenagers and then women and finally old women. mostly about one of the girls named emily because the other sister gets married and doesn't do much. a lot of the book is about emily's failed relationships with men. i like that the book focuses so strongly on failed relationships. i could relate a lot with the main character because of her loneliness and her problem with people. one of the last lines in the book was to me the best line in the book:

"Yes I'm tired." she said.
"And do you want to know a funny thing? I'm almost fifty years old and I've never understood anything in my whole life."


i think this novel inspired me to write my own novel and i think i will start working on that soon. i want it to be slightly autobiographical with a strong focus on failed relationships. i want it to be strongly depressing, so there will probably be a lot death and other sad things in the novel. i look forward to having something to work on and thank you mr. yates for the much needed good read.

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