Friday, July 10, 2009

i drew this person yesterday.
i think that it is not actually a person.
i think it is something else.
if you asked it what it's name was it would say "fuck america".
if you tried to touch it, it would turn green and you would become slime.
if you wanted to love it, you would have to replace your heart with a stone.
because it is stone fucking cold.
you can call it that. "stone fucking cold".
i would like that.

you know things have gotten bad when you stare at the wall all day
and repeatedly think "i hate this life" without any hope left for it to change.
seriously don't know what to do with myself anymore.
feel so out of it and tired and bored.
my eyes and everything inside of me moves so slowly
and pointlessly around in circles, going nowhere.
i wanted to be extraordinary when i was little and feel i have failed to do that.
feel stone fucking cold and that doesn't describe the half of it.
need to write vulgar things in my notebook to feel i am still alive.

dramatically vulgar and tragically confused thoughts surface and i would rather be sleeping or something

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