Saturday, July 25, 2009

new poem for "wall attack"

this is a poem i wrote for the "wall attack".
doing a "wall attack" consists of writing a poem, printing it onto paper and then with glue or some sort of adhesive putting them on walls. it is a way of posting thoughts or ideas for the general public to view. some people in gainesville, fl wrote about the old dirty bastard for this edition.
thank you for supporting the arts.

suffocating in blubber

old dirty bastard wakes up at six in the morning shouting:

“so much blubber
i can’t take it no more.”

he had a nightmare about his mother turning into a whale

when he was hugging her and almost suffocating in all of the whale blubber.

he feels distanced from his life as a rap star

and finds himself holding onto the sheets of his bed

as if the sheets were a person and staring blankly at the wall thinking about his life.

he wonders what he did last night.

he doesn’t remember how he is supposed to act around people.

he can remember one time waking up after school when he was six years old

he heard the sounds of his mother making dinner in the adjacent room.

this memory is one of the few that he has of his childhood and he clings to it desperately.

he remembers the smell of beef tip noodles

and the sounds of the food making noises.

he thinks of his mother in the kitchen frying the beef

and feels good that he was not raised by a whale but instead by a caring gentle human

then quickly without hesitation he says out loud to himself:

“i just wanna sleep foreva and live in these dreams from now on,
you know what I mean.”

he closes his eyes and begins snoring with his mouth wide open

leaving his large golden teeth shining and illuminating the room

making everything look extraordinary.

it will never occur to him that no one could possibly know what he means.

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