Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"after getting hit by a car" a review of DOOLITTLE

two days ago i got hit by a car after getting off from work.
i was riding on my bicycle and ran into a car door and then the ground.
i laid there for two seconds and then got up quickly and went home.
when i got home i listened to the pixies album "doolittle".
this album is perfect for people who have gotten hit by a car and want the world to end.
the songs are about destruction mixed with surrealism and biblical references.
i laid on my bed and cried a little and then just looked at the wall and was kind of shaking.
i was enjoying this experience for what it was.
i made it to the third song "wave of mutilation" and day dreamed of suicide.
then came "i bleed" and i smiled.
i felt good listening to music.
it sounded new and different.
i was delirious and didn't know my name but there was music and everything was funny.
later that day i went to the platitudes show i was supposed to play.
someone gave me two pain killers and i stood on the main street of the town i live in and mumbled songs from "doolitlle".

"cease to resist, giving my goodbye
drive my car into the ocean
you'll think i'm dead, but i sail away
on a wave of mutilation"


  1. I don't usually read blogs but I googled 'slept until 4pm' and yours was the first to come up. I've been doing that a lot lately and I am feeling a mixture of guilt and wishing I could sleep all the time and I think I was hoping to find someone who talked about knowing how that felt. You remind me of myself. I wish there were some more recent posts.